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RADECS conference

25 - 29 September 2023


The RADECS 2023 conference is oriented toward students and young professionals. There are various events throughout the week that aim to make the attendee integration in the RADECS community easier. IEEE Student Branch is devoted to promoting exchanges and opportunities for students and young professionals in the field of research and technical expertise. For RADECS 2023, the local IEEE Student Branch has been extensively involved in:

  • Constitution and management of technical staff: A team of 15 PhD students have been gathered to perform important tasks to set up the conference and ensure good progress. The RADECS 2023 technical staff team originates from various French Universities and Research Institutes (ISAE SUPAERO, CNES, ONERA, Hubert-Curien, IES). Every staff member is also able to attend the conference sessions when not involved in tasks.


  • Design and manufacturing of the awards: RADECS 2023 Awards, including the 5 Best Student Abstracts and the Best Student Presentation (Jean-Marie Palau Award) have been designed and manufactured with the invaluable help of the AIME Lab (Toulouse).


  • Preparation of a booklet of job opportunities: As a common initiative of the RADECS 2023 organising committee, the association proposes to every attendee of the conference (researchers and industrial exhibitors) to submit job opportunities that can be shared during the conference. This includes internships, PhD positions, post-PhD positions and permanent/full positions. Our objective is to gather and share these opportunities with attendees and create in-person exchanges at the IEEE Student Branch booth throughout the conference. Please use the following link if you wish to share any job opportunities (names and e-mails will be removed for GDPR reasons):


  • Student Special Day: This is a unique feature of this year’s RADECS edition. Around 40 students from Toulouse engineering schools (INSA, Univ. Paul Sabatier, ISAE, ENSEEIHT, IPSA, ENAC) and RADMEP have been invited to join the conference on Wednesday the 27th of September. They will be able to attend both oral and poster sessions, an invited talk, as well as the "Women in Engineering" round table, making it a unique opportunity for the students to discover the scientific community through the environment of an international conference. Moreover, a dedicated space will be allocated during lunchtime for networking and creative interactions. This is fully sponsored by the IEEE Student Branch.

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Upcoming Evets
About Occi Branch

About the Branch

What is the ISAE-SUPAERO IEEE Student Branch ?

The ISAE-SUPAERO IEEE Student Branch aims to promote contact and exchange between scientists, engineers, and students.

ISAE-SUPAERO IEEE Student Branch is part of the world's largest professional association IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) as a Student Branch. Associated with the IEEE chapters Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS), Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AESS), and Industry Applications Society (IAS), the association aims to organize conferences by involving distinguished lecturers all around the world coming from the most influential companies and universities.


The Branch is supported by the engineering school ISAE-SUPAERO as well as its fondation and comprises 21 active members devoted to proposing you conferences and networking events. If you want to take part in the adventure, contact us, and be part of the leading team.

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IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society
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